In March 2006 I had a skiing accident from which I am still recovering 12 months later. This is the story of my knee arthroscopy operation. What happened, why I was operated on in Bangkok and how it went.

I hope this story is of interest to anyone requiring knee arthroscopy surgery. There is not much available online in the way of patient reviews of knee arthroscopy so I wrote this to help people learn from my experiences.

Please remember, I am not a doctor! This is my story as a patient and you should not use this as medical advice.

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New story added – 24 March 2007

Allmuth waiting for her knee arthroscopy operationRead the complete story of Allmuth who also tore her meniscus and went overseas (to Algeria) for a knee arthroscopy operation.

Her story includes photos and a good description of the stress and emotion that you go through when you have a knee arthroscopy to repair a meniscal tear.