Car of the future is now in production

Move over internal combustion engine.

The car of the future is electric.

The new breed in motor transport has overtaken a disused Toyota factory in Fremont, California to build 20,000 new Tesla Model S cars each year.

Tesla Model S - new factory

Fast, spacious, stunningly good looking and 100% electric. Order yours now.

If you can't wait for the future to arrive, it's actually already here, in a smaller, even faster variety. The Tesla Roadster (update, the Roadster is no longer in production).

Tesla Roadster
0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Range of 245 miles.

1 thought on “Car of the future is now in production

  1. Ava Da Luca

    That’s a great car for what its running off those heavy laptop batteries and it can still get to 60 that fast. Sure going full throttle you won’t get 245 miles out of it but that is still a fair amount of miles for a day of driving.

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