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List of softphones

I have spent a frustrating amount of time trying softphones for use with SIP.

There are not many SIP resources available because it is still not widely used. Skype is the main competitor to SIP and Skype is roaring away (thanks to its ability to get around firewalls and an excellent marketing team). If you want to use SIP, here is a list of softphones. If you know of a softphone not on this list, please contact me.

The features of the programs vary considerably.

There are many services which tie you to using their SIP service. These include:

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Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal


List of frequent letters

I don't know where I found this list many years ago, but it just resurfaced from the depths of my hard drive. It shows the frequency of letters from the Roman Alphabet used in the English language. How somebody came up with this list, I do not know. It may have come from a list of every single word in the English language or it may have come from the analysis of a book such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

No surprise that the vowels put in a strong showing. I was disappointed with the performance of the letter J in 25th place.

List of most frequently used letters:

Letter Frequency Rank
E 11.16% 1
A 8.50% 2
R 7.58% 3
I 7.54% 4
O 7.16% 5
T 6.95% 6
N 6.65% 7
S 5.74% 8
L 5.49% 9
C 4.54% 10
U 3.63% 11
D 3.38% 12
P 3.17% 13
M 3.01% 14
H 3.00% 15
G 2.47% 16
B 2.07% 17
F 1.81% 18
Y 1.78% 19
W 1.29% 20
K 1.10% 21
V 1.01% 22
X 0.29% 23
Z 0.27% 24
J 0.20% 25
Q 0.20% 26