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List of softphones

I have spent a frustrating amount of time trying softphones for use with SIP.

There are not many SIP resources available because it is still not widely used. Skype is the main competitor to SIP and Skype is roaring away (thanks to its ability to get around firewalls and an excellent marketing team). If you want to use SIP, here is a list of softphones. If you know of a softphone not on this list, please contact me.

The features of the programs vary considerably.

There are many services which tie you to using their SIP service. These include:

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List of frequent letters

I don't know where I found this list many years ago, but it just resurfaced from the depths of my hard drive. It shows the frequency of letters from the Roman Alphabet used in the English language. How somebody came up with this list, I do not know. It may have come from a list of every single word in the English language or it may have come from the analysis of a book such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

No surprise that the vowels put in a strong showing. I was disappointed with the performance of the letter J in 25th place.

List of most frequently used letters:

Letter Frequency Rank
E 11.16% 1
A 8.50% 2
R 7.58% 3
I 7.54% 4
O 7.16% 5
T 6.95% 6
N 6.65% 7
S 5.74% 8
L 5.49% 9
C 4.54% 10
U 3.63% 11
D 3.38% 12
P 3.17% 13
M 3.01% 14
H 3.00% 15
G 2.47% 16
B 2.07% 17
F 1.81% 18
Y 1.78% 19
W 1.29% 20
K 1.10% 21
V 1.01% 22
X 0.29% 23
Z 0.27% 24
J 0.20% 25
Q 0.20% 26


Top ten most populated cities

Some interesting city population trivia for those pub quizzes.

1 Tokyo 35,197,000
2 Seoul 22,770,000
3 Mexico City 19,411,000
4 New York 18,747,320
5 São Paulo 18,333,000
6 Mumbai 18,196,000
7 Delhi 15,048,000
8 Shanghai  14,503,000
9 Calcutta 14,277,000
10 Moscow  13,750,000

I had a list from the WHO but then I found what looks like a more detailed list on Wikipedia so this top ten data comes from there.


Global rich list

This site is well worth a visit. It tells you how wealthy you are compared to the other 6 billion people on earth. You may find the results surprising.


List of recycled gifts

Looking for a gift? Do something positive. This is a list of products that might make suitable gifts. They are all made from recycled products. Clever, hey?


List of external USB portable hard drives

Western Digital portable hard drive
I am about to buy a portable hard drive so I can carry my work (and photos, music and movies) with me. Hard drives that are powered via USB (or Firewire) do not require mains electricity and a power adapter. All you have is a slim hard drive (in a case) and USB cable. Plug it in to any computer and it should recognise it. Fantastic.

If you are also looking for a portable hard drive, this list of external USB portable hard drives should save you some time. My personal requirement is for storage space of at least 120GB and preferably 320GB. Unfortunately, once you go beyond 160GB, the physical dimensions of the drives start to get a bit large and would not fit in a pocket easily. New technology will change this. To the list…

Be careful that the drive you are buying is truly powerless – there are many external drives available that require mains power. They are a lot cheaper but they are more cumbersome and not convenient. (I have just been travelling with one for 4 months!).

'Portable hard drives' seem also to be referred to as 'mobile drives' or 'pocket drives' and are often listed on electronics websites under 'external drives'.

I decided to buy the Seagate 160GB (I would have preferred a slimmer drive like the Iomega or Western Digital but 120GB was not quite large enough).

If you discover a portable hard drive not on the list above, please let me know and I will add it to the list.