Use Google Health to manage your medical history

Track your medical recordsI look forward to the day Google Health launches in the UK with the same services it offers US users. Features like "Import medical records" and "Explore health services" are for US users only, but Google Health is still useful for the rest of us.

They've just added a new feature to let you upload scanned paper documents. I think its the sort of system the NHS is gradually adopting. My GP typed notes into her computer during my last visit. It's a giant leap forward from paper, but to benefit fully from digitised patient records, the patient should be able to access and contribute to their records. Nobody cares more about their health than themselves and perhaps their immediate family. Letting people fill in the gaps will lead to better care and greater involvement by the patient. It is also a step towards self-diagnosis, a faster, more accurate and cheaper solution than going to a doctor.

I'm using Google Health to keep track of my daughters' immunisations. I've shared the profile with my wife so that she can contribute too. When our daughter is old enough, she can take over managing her health records and she'll have a full history without gaps.

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