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Is it Christmas?

The lights are up in Oxford Street.

The shops are playing Christmas songs.

The local council has put up its Christmas tree.

Which begs the question… Is it Christmas?


Pilates and yoga in Reading

Pilates in ReadingWe've just moved in to our new house Reading, Berkshire. It's a nice little place with plenty of space for the two of us. Paul has done an amazing job of renovating it throughout.

Sophia is turning one of the rooms downstairs into a yoga and Pilates studio. She is teaching private classes and group courses of up to 4 people. She had her first booking yesterday!

If you have friends in Berkshire who are looking for a Pilates/yoga teacher who can work wonders, please point them to these pages on Sophia's website… yoga in Reading and Pilates in Reading.


Potato stronger than plastic

Vegware cutleryA British company has come up with an ingenious method of turning potatoes into plastic. Vegware uses the technology to create disposable items such as cutlery and tableware.

It's cheap too – a mixed bag of 10 knives, forks and spoons is only £2.97 (about $5.90US). For mass caterers, a bag of 1,000 knives costs £29.90 +VAT and shipping (about $59US).

The cutlery gets its strength from potato or corn starch and its actually stronger than standard plastic cutlery. Being made from vegetable matter, the products are totally biodegradable, so they are dramatically better for the environment than plastics made from oil.

Order online…

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