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Easy way to print multiple photos to A4 paper

Acting as a dutiful tech support helpline to my father Victor, I was recently posed this question regarding the printing of multiple photos on an A4 sheet:

Can you think of a way in which I could arrange an A4 page (on screen, and then printable) containing about 4 across and 8 down mini-photos? The photos would need to assume a constant size, so should expand or contract into their premade hole on the A4 sheet.

The finished product would resemble a page in a stamp album.

Photos resized and printed on an A4 pageI did not have an immediate solution to this problem because whenever I want to print photos, I upload them to Photobox and receive them in the post a couple of days later.

However, Victors request seemed to be just the sort of thing that Picasa would do with ease. Being a Google program, Picasa is excellent at doing the basics and making them incredibly easy to do. (Unlike programs known as "bloatware" that try to be all things to all men).


I tried it and my hunch was right. Here is the laughably easy way to print lots of photos on one sheet of A4 paper using Picasa:
Picasa screenshot - print multiple photos on an A4 page

  1. Open Picasa.
  2. Within Picasa, locate the photos you wish to print. (If you cannot locate them, go to File > Add folder to Picasa).
  3. Select the photos you wish to print (Ctrl click them and you can select as many as you like. They will inherit a light blue border to show that you have selected them).
  4. Choose File > Print.
  5. Choose how many you wish to print on the page and then click Print.

If you don't already have Picasa installed, download it for free.

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The easiest way to email large photos

If you use Thunderbird, save yourself a lot of time and effort when you want to send digital photos via email. With this method below, there is no need to manually make each image smaller – the computer does it all for you.

The problem

You want to email one or more large photos taken on your digital camera to your friends. In total, the size of the images is probably between 2MB and 20MB. That's too much for an email – as a rough guide, I avoid sending emails over 4MB in size and preferably under 2MB.

The solution

You do not need to edit each photo in Photoshop/ACDSee/Picasa or any other image editing program. All you need to do is locate the images on your hard disk using Windows Explorer. Then select the images you wish to send (you can use Ctrl and/or Shift to select multiple images).

Once the files are highlighted in blue, right-click one of them. Choose "Send To" then choose "Mail Recipient". (Click the images below to see larger versions).

Choose the photos you wish to email

Then click "Show more options…" and choose the size of the images you wish to send – about 800px by 600px is usually fine – and click OK.

Choose the new size for the images

Hey presto, your images have been resized and are already attached to a new email!

Your photos in a new email

In this example, the total file size of 4 photos was reduced from 11.8MB to just 387KB. Your recipients will be much happier 🙂


  1. This does not alter the size of your original photos. (Smaller file are created temporarily and your original photos are left as they are).
  2. I use Thunderbird (and highly recommend it). I do not know if this technique works with other email programs such as Outlook or Outlook Express.