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I have not used the Yellow Pages for years. The internet is a much better way to find local suppliers. Online information is more up-to-date and you can find much more about a company than its address and phone number.

So, I cancelled my Yellow Pages delivery. It's easy. Just call and ask them to stop delivering it.

  • United Kingdom: 0800 671 444, Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm GMT.
  • United States: 800 343 7390, Mon-Fri 6am-5pm PST.

The Yellow Pages is a huge waste of paper. You can visit for the same information or just Google it. Other free specialist directories can help you find local suppliers, for example this directory of property services.

7 thoughts on “Cancel your Yellow Pages

  1. jakebrumby

    The Yellow Pages number is still valid. It is the “Directory Recycling Helpline”:

    0800 671 444

    However, the phone line is only open from Monday to Friday, 8:30am -5:30pm.

    They shut the line down outside these hours.

  2. Arasmus

    The number is invalid. I called it on January 2nd, 2009. I was already suspicious that it would not work because US telephone numbers have an xxx-xxxx format. I got a “number could not be completed as dialed” response. Please update this page (which features highly in Google results) with the correct number if possible. I am also wondering how the Yellow Pages will cancel delivery since they simply dump the Yellow pages on my doorstep and it is not directly addressed to me. I find this practice extremely offensive in these times when we have such an obligation to do better.

  3. Jake Post author

    That’s the UK telephone number Arasmus. I’ve updated the post above to include the US toll free phone number. Please post a comment to tell people how you got on. Thanks.

  4. Jerry

    The US number to cancel the yellow page directory is 800-346-4377; use option 3; it takes 60 days for the cancelation to go into effect and it will only be in effect for 3 years. Additionally, you must give them either your phone number or email and when they call or write, you must confirm that you don’t want the yellow page directory.

  5. anon

    I’m sick of junk like this, the yellow pages is nothing but adverts these days and so is utterly useless (like their website – paid for results first? What a waste of time – the user does not get what they want, they get offered what some business wants).

    I have had a YP fill my post box today, I have taped the YP closed, written the address of the head office on it, have soaked it in milk, and am going to put it in the post. By the time it gets to them it will be stunningly ripe, plus they will have to pay for the postage. Perhaps they will revise their business practices? Maybe if more people do things like this.

    There is no way I would contact them (or any spammer) to say I don’t want their junk: all that means is my address is recorded as a low-junk address, and provides information about me and my preferences. When privacy and data laws inevitably change that knowledge can and will be acted on.

    The only way I feel we can stop junk is to make it cost the spammers too much.

    I hope people realise too that with 0800 numbers the operator of the number can very frequently get your phone number, even if you try to withhold it? Engage in Yell’s system and they will get your name, address, and phone number, which will inevitably used for more spamming.

    I have personally tested 0800 numbers and their ability to get phone numbers: I called an 0800 number and withheld my number, they could still see what my number was, and they read it to me correctly down the phone. I have seen sales info for 0800 services that have mentioned how caller phone numbers can be determined. Don’t play their game, whilst they pretend it is to stop the spam, it is really only so it can be more refined.

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