A well executed critique of Gordon Brown

It's reassuring that the UK is still producing high calibre politicians. People like Daniel Hannan (MEP). Watch his 3 minute assassination of Gordon Browns' failed economic policies and wasteful expenditure of money Britain doesn't have:

Daniel Hannan became Britains' youngest ever MEP in 1999 and even now is only 37 years old. He has authored 7 books, most recently The Plan: Twelve months to renew Britain. If his actions can match his words, he may make a worthy Prime Minister. Read more about what he has to say on his blog.

4 thoughts on “A well executed critique of Gordon Brown

  1. Victor Brumby

    Here is a remarkably fluent piece of oratory which it is a delight to hear from a contemporary politician. The content is as worthy as anything uttered concerning the true state of our nation; sadly, embarrassingly and shamefully, Brown seemed to think it a smirking matter when the camera cut to him. He is a simple man, who lacks the humility to acknowledge that he is hopelessly out of his depth and should surrender control – though to whom in his own party, one simply cannot envisage.
    It is time to stand behind the UK Independence Party, which seems to be manned by resourceful citizens who earnestly wish to see Britain recover it’s once long-held respect afforded by the rest of the world. The ‘main’ parties continue to fail to grasp the nettle, while the British public appears not to recognise that here in UKIP is an energetic group which, supported, could restore our country to some status.
    It is said that a country gets the government it deserves. Our political apathy as citizens has put us where we are today. Time to sit up……..

  2. Ian Stalvies

    Seems like a smart guy, reckon he could lose a lot of the snideness though, especially in his writing – for me this tends to reinforce the impression the public gets of politicians as overgrown children bickering (and lately, stealing Mum and Dad’s – ie. the public’s – pocket money!)

    Re: the UKIP, you might be interested to note that here in Australia the Greens have just gotten an old Labour seat in WA – first time they’ve managed a Lower House seat. I despise the 2-party system as with any oligopoly – tends to reduce the debate, and the outcomes, into mindless black-and-white soundbites hollow and devoid of real meaning … think this is a “Western” problem rather than UK-specific.

  3. Woolfie Smith (Annon)

    Gordon Brown, his government and predecessors such as Tony Blair are fully accountable for the state that the UK now finds itself in. They have lied to the electorate time and time again, especially about a referrendum for participation of the UK in the European Union and it is our belief that they should all be tried for High Treason. Every citizen of the United Kingdom is entitled to have a say as to who governs them. That is a democracy. Labour have tried to remove that democracy and place us in the hands of unelected beaurocrats.
    It is our belief that there is a case for parliament being seized by the citizens of this country and trials take place to establish the legality of this government’s actions, including flooding the UK with migrants to try andchange the political map.
    We have just appeared to have resolved many years of the IRA terrorism in the UK. Well the same could happen with UK citizens agains a European Union that they are not going to aknowledge under any circumstances until fair referendums have been established. I call on all people within the UK to make a stand on this and refuse to aknowledge this government until it is bought to account.

  4. RISE UP

    Well said MR Smith.

    our several thousand members would gladly march into Parliament square and drag these buggers out of power. The day will soon come.
    Gordon Brown should be put up against a wall with his fellow cronies and executed for treasonous acts as you have mentioned.
    Britain should then hold democratic elections and referrendums on European compliance.
    We are not part of Europe and no political party has the right to ride roughshod over democracy and think they can get away with it.

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