Image types supported by the Sirv WordPress plugin

WordPress pages load faster with the Sirv plugin for WordPress.

This image optimisation and CDN plugin – designed and developed by our team at Sirv – can embed many types of image into your WordPress pages:

  • Static images
  • Responsive images
  • Zoom images
  • Image galleries
  • 360 spin images

Images are resized and optimised on-the-fly, for fast loading and optimal SEO. Faster websites perform better on ecommerce conversions but also improve ranking in Google organic search, which is why we're investing so much time in making Sirv really usable for WordPress.

Try these examples of images embedded into WordPress pages/posts:

Responsive image example

Sirv generates a perfectly sized image on-the-fly to fit the width of this blog post.

Responsive image by Sirv

Here's another responsive image, in a 50% width div:

Embed responsive image in WordPress

Static image example

This static image is embedded at 400px width. Sirv can embed your image at any dimensions you choose:

Embed static image in WordPress

Zoom image example

Click on this zoomable image multiple times to zoom deep inside it. It's a huge 4549px width image, yet it loads fast because Sirv delivers only the section of the image that is required (the same way Google Maps works).

Image zoom gallery

Zoomable images can also be embedded as galleries. A thumbnail is automatically generated for each image:

Click to swap and zoom these 4 images:

Image gallery example

This image gallery automatically generates perfectly sized thumbnail images. It uses lazy loading, to fetch images on demand only when the user scrolls down the page. This accelerates page loading and prevents bandwidth wastage.

360 spin example

This spin is made up of 36 images, embedded into this WordPress post using the Sirv plugin.

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