Organ donation online

Transplants save livesIn the old days, you could tick an "organ donation" box when you filled in the registration form at your local GP surgery. If you ticked it, your organs would be made available to sick people needing organ transplants. But what would happen if you registered at a new doctors surgery when you moved house, but this time you didn't tick the box? Does that mean that you've now opted out?

Alternatively, you could register as a donor by carrying a donor card with you. But I'm 32 years old and have a life expectancy of another 54 years, so what's the point of padding out my wallet with another card?

Become a donorThankfully this is 2008 and some of the £zillions that the NHS has wasted spent on IT has found its way to this Organ Transplant website. I just registered as a donor in under 2 minutes. If I ever change my mind, I can go back to the website and amend my details or remove them.

The interweb saves the day again.

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