Fresca wins top e-commerce award

Congratulations to Rubicon Retail and Fresca for winning the Best use of e-commerce in a retail environment in the European Retail Solutions awards. I know how committed Fresca is to building it's e-commerce platform so I'm chuffed to see the team recognised in the industry awards.

It's one thing for a web development team to build a one-off store but it's another to build a customisable e-commerce platform that can unleash a brand new store within 3 months. E-commerce providers have lots of clients, all asking for different features and in pressing timescales – it's a demanding, high pressure task.

It's worth pausing and looking at how far things have come from those crazy dotcom days. Back then, a world class e-commerce site would have cost you a few £million (and it was destined for failure). Nowadays, it'll only cost about £8,000 a month, and it'll generate £millions.

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