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Air Asia XThis October, I'm flying direct from Stansted (Essex) to Kuala Lumpur for £99 one-way inc. tax thanks to Tony Fernandes, the entrepreneurial founder of Air Asia. It's a budget airline with no-frills and it flies from Stansted (a superb airport in a bad location) but for £99, that's an all out bargain. The nearest competitors cost upwards of £250 one-way.

My mate Carl is looking for the best flight price for his trip to Malaysia this summer, so lets point him in the right direction…

The first thing to note is that you must to hunt around. For every one of my last 8 trips to Malaysia, I have booked through a different website. The prices change on an almost daily basis. Sometimes a comparison site has an exclusive offer, other times the airline itself is offering a discount for going direct to them.

I wrote before about how you can get a cheaper flight and see somewhere new with a stopover. Another option for the globetrotter is to fly into Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and out of Singapore (SIN) so that you can check out Singapore for a couple of days.

Now its over to you to start searching…


  • Air Asia – flights from £99 one-way if you're lucky – £180 one-way is more likely. Pay extra for food, entertainment, choose your seats. If you are tall, it is worth the small upgrade fee for a seat with extra legroom.
  • Malaysia Airlines – direct flights from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur starting around £650 return. It's a decent airline but overpriced because of a lack of competition. Maybe that will change now Air Asia is on the scene.
  • Emirates – direct flights from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur starting around £650 return. Great airline but pricey.
  • Gulf Air – stopover in Bahrain. Return flights starting from about £500 though they currently have a special offer of £411 if you fly by June 14. Good airline.
  • Qatar Airlines – stopover in Doha. Return flights starting from about £540. Good airline.
  • Singapore – stopover in Singapore.  Return flights starting from about £650. Excellent airline.

Flight comparison sites:

  • – scans all the major airlines.
  • Ebookers – ditto.
  • Expedia – customer service is poor but hopefully you won't need to contact them.
  • Opodo – often its the most expensive, but twice it's been the cheapest for me.
  • Kayak – great search tools and interesting charts of historical flight prices, but has never found the cheapest for me.
  • Thomas Cook – they don't just do holidays – you can book flights too.

Post a comment below to let us know how you got on.

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  1. Robin Ng

    good to hear that! so now you can fly to & back UK often…..thanks airasia too. I hope i got chance to shoot a wedding in UK soon LOL!!!!

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