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Billion dollar bank notes

A family friend from Zimbabwe recently came for a 2 week break in the UK.

He brought some Zimbabwean dollars with him including this note that he was given 4 weeks ago. It was worth roughly US$1. By the 25th July, it was worth roughly US$0.1. By next week, it will probably be worthless.

50 billion Dollar note, Zimbabwe

50 billion Dollar note, Zimbabwe

Click the note to see a larger image. Notice how it has an expiry date:

Pay the bearer on demand 50 billion dollars on or before 31st December 2008.

Apparently people don't want Zimbabwean dollars any more. Instead, they use foreign currency or they barter – exchanging goods with each other. He told us of a farmer that pays his workers in bananas, for which they are very grateful.

It is a classic example of hyperinflation and a sorry state of affairs for this once prosperous country.

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One egg, two yolks

My scrambled eggs this morning were extra yellow thanks to the twin yolks from this single egg. First time I've seen that.

Apparently it occurs in roughly 1 in 1,000 eggs. Here is the dual-core oeuf…

One egg, two yolks

2 hours later…

As if that was not odd enough, we just had another double yolk in from 1 egg. They both came from the same box of 6 eggs from Tesco (free range organic). Can anyone explain this?

Twin yolks from one egg (again)

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