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Apple keynote in 60 seconds

Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone 3G and other big news.

Edited from 1 hour and 27 minutes into just 60 seconds…


No more letters thanks

NHS donor letterI receive 1 or 2 letters per day and at least 3 out of 4 of them are pointless.

Why do companies still write letters? Has nobody told them that emails are free?

I previously wrote how the Organ Transplant website showed excellent use of NHS money. Old habits die hard though, prompting me to send the following email to Christine Cole at UK Transplant. If enough people complain about needless mail, organisations will stop sending it.

Dear Christine,

I received your letter confirming my registration as a donor and the card attached to it.

However, it is pointless! If you want to confirm my registration (which the website already did on the "thank you" page), send me an email.

Post is dead….

It wastes NHS money employing staff to write, print and post letters.
It wastes NHS money on the cost of postage.
It wastes paper and plastic (the unnecessary donor card).
It wastes my time opening and then throwing away the letter.

The UK Transplant website is fantastic. Allowing people to sign up online as a donor is a brilliant idea and the site is very easy to use. Well done! Please now take that next step and replace all paper letters with emails.

Best wishes,

Jake Brumby

400 people died in the UK last year while waiting for a transplant. Register now.

In the mood to save paper? Cancel your Yellow Pages.

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