Billion dollar bank notes

A family friend from Zimbabwe recently came for a 2 week break in the UK.

He brought some Zimbabwean dollars with him including this note that he was given 4 weeks ago. It was worth roughly US$1. By the 25th July, it was worth roughly US$0.1. By next week, it will probably be worthless.

50 billion Dollar note, Zimbabwe
50 billion Dollar note, Zimbabwe

Click the note to see a larger image. Notice how it has an expiry date:

Pay the bearer on demand 50 billion dollars on or before 31st December 2008.

Apparently people don't want Zimbabwean dollars any more. Instead, they use foreign currency or they barter – exchanging goods with each other. He told us of a farmer that pays his workers in bananas, for which they are very grateful.

It is a classic example of hyperinflation and a sorry state of affairs for this once prosperous country.

4 thoughts on “Billion dollar bank notes

  1. Dominik

    I am disgusted at the fact both America and European Union have aboslutely no interest in helping out those poor souls in Africa. This is pathetic, disgusting, morally wrong, and driven strictly by western GREED.

    We, Americans, are supposed to look out and fight/help those who cannot do it for themselves! I went twice to Iraq, and loved the people I had a chance to help! The Iraqi people always suffered, but they mostly good people at heart. Every country has its bad elements, we have them in US too, but noone deserves to starve to death, die of horrible diseases as a baby, and have their country ruined by greedy western corporations or their governments.

    It seems to be the only time US and EU help any nation out is when they get a chance to use it to ENRICH themselves!!!


  2. Bijo

    Mugabe should be assassinated.he’s so the fuck u have a bread for $2000 thts so silly!
    Mugabe fuck ya

  3. ya motha

    was ist das??? ugh Mugabe ist ein dumkopf! 50000000 ist verr├╝ckt!

  4. manish soni

    i have 50 billion zimbabwe dollar note, what is the indian ruppes currency of it, give me rply soon.

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