What is Zible?

Zible is the personal site of Jake Brumby. I use it to share resources and blog about various things of interest.

The site is my virtual attic. It's a place where I put things that I don't want to throw away and may come in useful again one day. Ideas, photos, jokes, stories – they may all find their way onto this site.

Why the name?

Zible doesn't mean anything, it just has a pleasant ring to it. I pronounce it 'zibble' 🙂

Who is Jake?

I am web guy who enjoys conceiving, implementing and running web businesses. I have interests in all areas of the process – business strategy, design and build, usability, accessibility, marketing, project management, trying out new things. The bigger picture and the ability to steer it – that's what I enjoy.


After graduating from university in 1999 with a 1st class degree, I started a web development business – Imagine Media – which I built with my business partner and great friend Simon Lorenz. We sold the company to Fresca in June 2002 and I worked in the management team until 2006. At some point or another during these 7 years, I was responsible for sales, marketing, finance and accounting as well as account and project management. Fresca has since been acquired by BT.

I then spent 2 years consulting, mainly for the fantastic team at Fubra. I worked with the founders, Brendan and Paul, to grow the network of 80 websites through organic and acquisitive means.

In October 2007, I returned to my roots and co-founded Mr Monkey with Leon Brocard. We're building web apps within 2 weeks. We call it rapid web development.

Want to know more about my career?

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My other interests include environmental issues, travel, photography, mountain biking, learning the guitar and talking to strangers. My favourite charities are 100 Friends, the World Land Trust and the Orangutan Foundation.