5 ways to reduce your global warming contribution

Today is Blog Action Day 2009 and this years' topic is Climate Change.

Eco BallsWe all contribute to global warming through our daily activities, so here are 5 ways to reduce your impact:

  1. Shower faster – you will use less hot water. Heating water is one of the the most energy intensive activities in your home.
  2. Use EcoBalls – stop using washing detergent, start using these hi-tech ecoballs instead! We've used them for 3 months and they work well for us.
  3. Turn down your heating 2 degrees – you can save a massive amount of CO2 (and lots of money) by heating your house to a lower temperature.
  4. Turn off your computer – or at least, put it into standby. Obvious, but it is easy to fall into bad habits.
  5. Switch to Ecotricity – the UK's first 100% renewable energy company. Great customer service and they genuinely care about the environment. All their power comes from wind turbines.

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